Video Analysis

We offer a video analysis DVD for your athlete to preview and discuss their mechanics and progress. This includes two sessions.

Session 1 - 30 minute video recording of lesson

Session 2 - 30 minute viewing of film with instructor

Each athlete is given a mechanical skills checklist to fill out during the viewing session and will also receive their own personal copy of the video analysis.

COST: $75.00


Functional Fitness Class

Absolute strength alone is not enough for baseball. Our functional fitness class includes the following for your athlete:

Integrated Flexibility Work
Body Work
Joint Integrity Work

Functional strength combined with sound bio-mechanics, the athlete's body will be able to perform efficiently, effectively and free of pain.

When: Saturday mornings
Time: 9 a.m. - 10 a.m.
Cost: $25 per session



Since throwing velocity is a critical skill for the success of a baseball or softball pitcher, it is important for each athlete to develop this ability to his/her maximum potential. Training with underweight and overweight balls has been proven to increase the throwing velocity of athletes.


At the point when each instructor feels that their athlete has developed an efficient delivery and the desired functional strength, he or she will begin to implement the velocity development program.


As a result of the VDP training, we typically see 3-5 mph increases in a 1-2 month period of consistent workouts.